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Take Action

Contact Legislators

Call, email, and write to local, state, and federal legislators. Not sure what to say? Consider downloading our Fact Sheet for calls or letters to ensure that your voice is heard.

People who are not New Jersey (District 2) residents should reach out to their respective State Congressmen for their local Districts.

Sign the Petition

Sign the petition Protect Our Coast NJ! at – and encourage others to sign, too, so our voices will be heard. Remember, our power is in the number of concerned residents regarding this wind farm project. We are close to 500,000 signatures!!

(Please note that this petition is located on platform and if you would like to donate to Defend Brigantine Beach, please do so through our donation links. Any donations made through Change.Org DO NOT GO TO Defend Brigantine Beach for fighting this project.)


Tell these Federal and State Government organizations that the industrial wind farm projects built in Atlantic Shores and Orsted will do irreversible damage to our oceans and beach communities. We have provided links to contact them below: 

Follow Us On Social Media

Visit our social media and interact with our posts, reposts, comments, and tweets. Use our Social Media to drive supporters to Defend Brigantine Beach. This amplifies our message to reach a wider audience. Tell all of your friends to do the same.

Display A Sign and Flyers

Help us raise awareness of this critical issue. Download this Fact Sheet, distribute it around town, and share it with your friends and neighbors. If you are interested in receiving other Defend Brigantine Beach merchandise items for a donation, contact Cindy Pekarick.

Download Our Fact Sheet!


Volunteer to help make a difference. We need help with administrative, marketing, public relations, social media, and research support. Fill out our Contact Information on the Home Page and let us know how you can support us and your specialty.